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Modular Chillers

The Ultimate Chiller Solution features a modular flexible platform design providing a compact footprint, true redundancy, ease of service, quiet operation and energy efficiency. 15 to 85 ton chiller modules are combined to provide specific project requirements including minimum turndown, ability for future growth/expansion and full load capacity requirements as high as 1,000 tons per bank. Water and Air cooled designs offer applications for: Cooling, Heat Recovery, Heat Pump and Simultaneous Heating and Cooling. ClimaCool chiller systems are also ideally suited for sustainable designs, geothermal central plants, variable flow systems and are designed to provide lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership = installation cost, smallest operating footprint, energy costs, maintenance and first cost).

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Packaged Rooftops

The Ultimate Rooftop Solution with simplistic design and quality components specializes in 100% outside air treatment. Our configured packaged rooftops offer application flexibility such as: Air Source Cooling, Air Source Heat Pump, Water Source Heat Pump, Geothermal Heat Pump and Chilled Water Air Handler. Capacities are available from 6 to 90 tons. These flexible systems provide Green solutions for de-humidification, heat recovery, heating, cooling, make-up air, air quality and controls. ClimaCool packaged rooftop solutions are designed to provide the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership = installation cost, smallest operating footprint, energy costs, maintenance and first cost).


ClimaCool Corp.

ClimaCool is a leading manufacturer of Green commercial and industrial modular chillers and packaged rooftop products promoting sustainability and energy efficiency in the new construction and retrofit markets. Utilizing innovative and simplistic designs we focus
on reducing energy consumption and the environmental impact of your heating and cooling equipment needs. Learn More.

September Startup and Service Training Certification Class

Join us for our Startup and Service Training Certification Class. The class will be held on September 19-21, 2017 in Oklahoma City.

ClimaCool in the News!

A modular Chiller solution leads to major savings for a downtown Toledo building.

Application Guide Now Available for Download

The Application Guide is now available for download on the website.